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Cyber Security Week 2020

Cyber Security Week 2020

While the adoption of information technology has brought convenience to the public and improved their quality of living, it has also increased attack surfaces for threat actors. The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) always attaches great importance to information and cyber security. To maintain proper cyber hygiene among the general public, the OGCIO has been working closely with relevant cyber security industry stakeholders to arouse information security awareness among the general public and providing related guidelines, best practices and learning materials for them to better protect themselves against cyber attacks.

The OGCIO has organised five Cyber Security Week events for the general public since 2016. This year, the Cyber Security Week 2020 features a series of interesting events including a sticker design contest, a workshop for the sticker design contest, and seminars for the Government, businesses, schools and the general public.

The cyber security industry stakeholders are also encouraged to explore opportunities and strengthen their connections in the Mainland and/or overseas through participating in various events such as the 2020 China Cybersecurity Week held in Chengzhou.


Build a Secure Cyberspace 2020 –
Sticker Design Contest
From 24-August-2020 to 7-December-2020

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